Partner with Zoo Church

A Zoo Church Partnership means GROWTH!

The master plan is to expand and buy property where we can have a Christ-centered focus on all that we do. We will be able to host groups for conferences, youth retreats, be open to the public for all kinds of needs, and so much more. 

To Partner with us, please reach out to Pastor Ed today for more information. 

To set up onetime or reoccurring donation please Click Here

Zoo Church is more than just a Sunday morning service. We also strive to teach people about the Gospel and their loving Creator through outreach in the community. We offer programs at schools and churches to teach them about God's creation. 

Through the use of live animals with our teachings we are able to connect with people of all ages on another level. Partnering with us will help us spread the message of Christ throughout New England. 

Not all audiences are able to pay for a Zoo Church program but with your help we will be able to offer these programs a lower cost.