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Who Are You? 

Christ Based Anti-Bullying Presentation

Ever hear someone call their child a monkey? All the time right! Well, in some circles it is a theory that humans evolved from primates. But we know God's Word tells us we were created in the image of God. So which is it? Did we evolve from a monkey? If so why did we stop? Or did a loving and compassionate God create us for a purpose. We will go over in detail about it and include some amazing animals and yes, even a cool monkey. 

Noah's Ark

In this program Pastor Ed, goes over the simple answers to a sometimes complicated question: Who are you?

we try to show you exactly "who" you are and "Who's" you are through this cool program featuring some of you favorite animals.

Field Trips to Animal Adventures with Zoo Church programs are also available. Student rate is $10 per student and one free chaperon for every ten students. 

Answers For Evolution

The Bible Rules & Darwin Drools

This is the program where we teach you how not to treat others by teaching you how to treat others... You know, like how Jesus told us to treat one another. There is no place for bullying in our society, in our time, realistically there is no place for bullying anyone, anywhere at anytime in history. We will learn through animal behavior and through the parables Jesus told in the Bible, about how we should treat every person we meet. 

More Than A Monkey 

It's all too common these days to just acquiesce to so called science teachers who like to push the theory of evolution on young people. Yes, it is still regarded as just a theory. We wont know all the answers until we get to Heaven but for now we can look to God's Word and what he says about the topic. We do this in a simple yet fascinating way. We bring some of the most  theorized animals for evolution and show you just why it is still a theory and not fact-based science. 

The Noah's Ark program is our flagship program for schools and young kids. We teach them all about God's love for creation and we even go into detail about the facts of how the flood actually happened and why we need to believe in God's Word. Flood or Fantasy? 

Pastor Ed, can also do any other topic or customized program you are looking for. Feel free to get in touch with our School Programs Office at Animal Adventures and let us know what you would like us to teach on. 

Pastor Ed, has been a wildlife educator for more than 3 decades and is also the pastor of Zoo Church. Pastor Ed, has a unique ability to teach fact based animal science alongside the Word of God. He carefully shows how much God loves each person He created through His other creations using exotic animals. Your students will receive a two fold teaching about animal sciences and the Gospel. Check out some of our amazing, God-inspired programs below. 

Haha! Funny title right? Ok, so we're still animal people and can be a little immature, oh well. 

This program is all about the Bible's superiority to scientific theories. How the Bible is actually a more scientific book than we give it credit for. We can learn a lot about science through the Bible and we can see it in nature every single day. Pastor Ed, uses some of the most amazing animals in the world to make this point vert clear. Don't judge a program by it's title, this program is good for all ages and you will learn a lot about biblical science. 

To book any of these Christian based programs, please call or email Chris at the Animal Adventures office.

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